Event Photography


During my journey to becoming a full time professional photographer I had to look at areas of my business which could be expanded on.  Looking over my existing clients it was clear that the the event section of my business could be developed.

Having photographed the pupils of Dansarena, in Ayr, for over twenty years,  as well as working at several graduation balls and proms.  It became clear that putting each of these shoots under the heading, or brand, of “events” would be a clear and simple way to allow me to advertise the service I could already provide, but more effectively.

In addition to creating a label I had to invest in some new equipment to allow me to offer an efficient service whilst still keeping a high quality of final print which is so important!

The side of the shooting which has changed majorly is the modern methods used to live-view, airbrush and print, immediately after I press the shutter release.  It is certainly an improvement on the early days of shooting with my Hassselblad and spending all-nighters in the darkroom.

What hasn’t changed however, is the ability to interact with the subject so as to get the best of the photos.  It is this side of photography which I have always enjoyed and will always be the same from weddings to portraits to the events.  Having a laugh always helps!

The image above is from a recent shoot at the Aberdeen Gymnastics event just before christmas.  One of the new events which we attended last year.


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